Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft: im Test (PS5)

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  1. Platinador sagt:

    Hey, are you sure that this 100% collectable trophy is glitched? I’ve looked on PSN and seems like this trophy was unlocked by 0.7% of the players already. Just asking because i’d love to get this platinum. Also, good review!

  2. Pascal Kaap sagt:

    Hey Platinador, unfortunately the trophy is buggy on the PS5. The problem is that Atlantis shows 51 out of 50 pickups, so the trophy doesn’t work. Here in the review this was just an example. Unfortunately, there are many more trophies in the other parts that don’t work. Aspyr is aware that the problem exists. A patch has not yet been released. Also, Thank You! 🙂

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